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How do I get there

Air Travel to Africa is a headache for many hunters who dream of an African Hunting Safari. We have put some tips together that we have learned in the past for your convenience and hope this can be of use to all the hunters and visitors to Agarob Hunting safaris.
  • Do not try and book your tickets on-line via an airline website. They seldom have any bargains and you really do need someone (with a live voice) to help you if things go wrong.
  • Also if you try and book tickets online, you could have trouble booking any extra flights within Africa and you will have trouble booking inexpensive add-on tickets from your hometown to your jumping-off destination.
  • Use a Qualified and Hunter-Orientated Travel Agent
Most of the bigger travel agencies that book 90% of all African hunters have contract prices with primarily South African Airlines and other international carriers that can save you money.

To stay over the night in Johannesburg, we make use of the Aftonio Guest House:

Telephone: +27-11-391-7625
Telephone: +27-11-391-4393
Telephone: +27-11-972-5259
Fax: +27-11-252-8653
Cell phone: +27-83-444-4432
Website: www.aftonguesthouse.com
E-mail: aftongh@netactive.co.za


  • PO Box 22929
    Windhoek, Namibia


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