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Entry into Namibia is a breeze. Hunting clients have to fill out a Rifle Import/Export Application (one page) upon arrival and be on your way. Make sure you have the permanent address of the people you are going to stay with.


Get a customs 4457 form. Be sure you go to a US customs office and get your firearms listed on a Form 4457 called “Certificate Registration for Personal Effects Taken Abroad”. U.S. Customs Form 4457 must be completed and stamped in the USA before boarding your flight to Africa. It proves ownership of personal items, such as rifles, taken out of the country. You will need this form upon return to the US. (Be sure to read the tips about this form under the topic below called “On Your Return to the USA”. Namibia is one of the most hunter friendly countries in Africa. You are allowed to bring as many rifles as you wish, (however, a maximum of 2 rifles is recommended) with an allowance of no more than 80 rounds of ammo per rifle. A rifle in the 300 Magnum range (300 WinMag, 338, etc.) will be sufficient for everything up to Eland. You will be required to fill out a Rifle Import/Export application, which must be handed in to the police at the airport. This form will be supplied by us when you book so you can have it filled out and ready when you arrive. It can also be downloaded on the website. At the bottom of the application form there is a table to be filled out. Some of the questions are a little confusing, so here is an example of what is required:

Type Caliber Serial No. Type Caliber Qty.
Rifle 300 Winmag B142675 Rifle 300 Winmag 80
Shotgun 12 Gauge 338975 Shotgun 12 Gauge 10


Most important is a pair off well-broken-in ankle length boots. Preferably boots with softer soles. Consider a pair of gaiters to protect your socks from grass seeds. A broad brimmed hat that protects your nose, neck and ears from the sun is strongly recommended. Bring something warm for the evenings and early mornings.We prefer our clients to hunt in long pants and long sleeved shirts, both as sun protection and protection against thorns. Most of the vegetation has thorns. Make sure you pack no bright colors, khaki and/or faded blue, green, etc. will be good. Although we do use cameo in the bush, public use is reserved for police and military. Above all, travel light! We have daily laundry services in all our camps, which means yesterday’s clothes will be available tomorrow. Three changes of clothes will do.


No inoculations are required. We advise clients to make sure that their tetanus shots are up to date. Our concessions fall outside of the high risk malaria areas, but the decision is yours. We carry basic first-aid equipment, so you do not need to bring any unless you have special needs, such as allergic reactions to certain substances and insect bites. Obviously should you require special medication, bring that with you. Make sure you have ample sunscreen lotion with you.


U$1000 deposit is require to secure the dates of the safari. The deposit is non- refundable, but can be transferred to another person. The deposit must be send to Mr. Floyd Reishus of 9400, Star Lane, Bozeman Montana, 597154 weeks before arrival in Namibia the day fees, + 15% tax must be paid in full into the account of Agarob Hunting Safaris in Namibia and the swift confirmation must be email to web@agarobsafaris.com. Payments are in U$. Arrangements can be made in advance to use other currencies.Cancellations must be in writing and are valid from the date of receipt thereof.



For more information on Namibia hunting regulations, visit the NAPHA website:



We strongly recommend that our clients arrange for the appropriate insurance cover against any possible claim that may arise from this hunt

Clients are encouraged to take out personal emergency medical evacuation insurance.

Whilst every precaution is taken, we do not accept any liability for loss of items, illness, accidents or delays, nor any expenses arising therefrom.

We undertake to exercise the utmost care and precaution to ensure our clients’ safety.


We will send you a questionnaire to be filled out.


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